Who We Are

Today, we operate two state-of-the-art lobster holding facilities in Newfoundland, Canada. Lobsters are brought to these facilities by over 200 independent local fisherman across over 20 landing sites around Newfoundland.

The cold and clean waters along Newfoundland’s south and west coasts helps our lobster to grow slowly and take time to develop its unique sweet and delicate flavor. Our lobsters are harvested from the coastal areas of Newfoundland and live on rocks at depths of 2-40 meters, where their either olive-green or greenish-brown color blends with the surroundings.

Chef Jeremy Charles

We take great pride in providing only the most quality lobster available. Newfoundland Lobsters are large in size, have big claws and a hard shell packed with delicious white, mild and sweet meat.

Newfoundland Lobsters are shipped directly from our state-of-the-art facility to an airport close to your business. Our lobsters are packaging using only the most advanced packaging and are chilled to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at your destination.  

Why Newfoundland Lobsters?

Operating with diligence and dedication, we strive to bring you the industries best as fresh as the moment it was caught, each and every time.

Our Process

Our team on the water sets foot on the best fishing grounds along the Newfoundland coast, and carefully positions their traps for the best possible catch. 

We the ship our Lobster in 30lb Styrofoam "Cloud Boxes" via air freighters to available airports worldwide. 

 Our Product

The Newfoundland Lobster is one of the oceans renowned delicacies. The environment in which they grow is unparalleled; offering crisp, cold waters filled with an abundance of food, the lobsters live lavishly and grow healthily. 

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